Discovering Popular Breeds of Cats With Blue Eyes

We see cats at people’s house, in our own dwellings, and outside. It is something really normal. Many people are costumed to watching the beautiful blue-eyed cats with round face, longhair, bright color, and mesmerizing beauty. There are also some who are a little more curious and want to know more about popular breeds of cats with blue eyes. It is basically a matter of preference as people own different feline breeds as just pets and not for cat shows. If you are planning buying a quality cat with blue eyes, it is good to have a choice.

  • Traditional Siamese or Apple-head

Traditional Siamese is a popular cat breeds among feline owners. With a much fatter body and head, it is a huskier breed. Also known as apple-head cats, these animals have awe-inspiring blue eyes, wide-set ears, darker fur, and prominent points. It has several original colors like blackish seal, lilac, blue and chocolate.


  • Balinese

Known as a longhair variant of the Siamese species of feline, this breed displays those same vivid blue eyes, but the different markings are resembled to deeper-hued Siamese color points. It is from an oriental breed of kitten and has been mostly seen in the United States. Balinese cats are the most intelligent creatures among the variations of the Siamese breed and are commonly seen to be muted.


  • Himalayan Persian

It’s a naturally lazy feline which is known for its louder vocalization, unmatched beauty, blue eyes, and amazingly aesthetical nature. The Himalayan Persians have beautiful longhair and luscious coat, wider range of colors, and adorable facial features. These felines tend to be well-behaved and calm and enjoy playing low-energy games.


  • The Javanese

This breed is very much similar to the Russian blue felines. They are extremely intelligent and loyal to their owners. This cat breed is capable of understanding the mood of its owner and can respond accordingly.  The blue-eyed Javanese has a medium long hair coat and unique shades of colored points like red and lynx or tortie and cream. The Javanese is social and people loving and communicates when it has something to say.


  • The Birman

This breed is believed to have belonged to Burma. The Birmans are the best identified by its beautiful blue eyes, milky white body, and smoky brown face, ears, and tails. These cats have a long strong body structure with longhair coat. They are affectionate and do not be too much greedy about anything.   


  • The Ragdoll

As name suggests, ragdoll cats are very mild and gentle. This blue-eyed cat breed gets its name not from its exquisiteness but from its behavior. These felines have a strange habit of going floppy like a ragdoll in their owner’s arms. Also, they stay calm and stress-free when picked up. Ragdolls have a unique color point coat with large and semi-longhair, and silky soft coat. Like aforementioned breeds of cats with blue eyes, ragdoll cats are affectionate and enjoy playing. They are very intelligent and like to learn tricks in doggy-like manner such as coming when called.